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Хорошо засадил подруге в тугую роскошную жопу

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I find her very erotic. It adds more in my mind for the fact she is clothed. She is in control of him, well would you walk away! Very nice tasty penis. The ladies i d thought would find this erotic. Well made and thought put in to it, along with the music.

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There is nothing quite like a female who is a skilled cocksucker. She can take your cock into her mouth and your mind into Paradise. Luckily some of the most skilled cocksuckers on the planet have shared my cum. Each one holds a special place in my heart and mind.

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what a lovely face to give a blow job nice and slow with it to prolong the ectasy,shame she finished off by wanking it though, be nicer if completed the job by mouth

|Хороший портал о кино.

I m sure she could have gotten him off with her tongue work but they like showing the cumshot. Your husband is a lucky man being uncut.

Hmm. They haven t exactly kept up the very high standards of the earlier version of FelluciaBlow, have they? Has it become a handjob site now?

My husband is uncut, I love sliding that foreskin back and forth! Too bad she had to stroke it out of skills and he would have exploded just from her tongue work.

The guy needs to learn how to shoot a load, a gorgeous chick like that deserves copious amounts of hot sperm in her stomach

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